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Down goes another side project - bye bye Listy!

Today I'm officially announcing the end of life of happens June 5th 2014.

I had an idea (back in 2009) for a super simple way to create a share lists with people. I often found that I wanted a way to create a list of things I love and share it socially. was my answer.

While It never really took off, it has had consistent usage over the last 5 years - mainly people creating shopping lists that leverage the build in "find it on amazon". Other SEO and spammy people figured out it's a good way to help bump up their SEO. Nevertheless, it was a fun experiment and someday I might release the new version that is currently 90% complete. Will it ever see the light of day? That's still to be determined.

If anyone is interested in taking over Listy, feel free to contact me at b [at]